The Team

FactCheck Gambia fact-checking team is set up solely for fact-checking and its related activities and is composed of experts who develop fact-checked stories in a structured way, reflecting
the basic tenets of fact-checking.

FactCheck Gambia team is selected based on their ability to conduct comprehensive research on a wide range of topics, use data to provide information, their knowledge of key fact-checking principles, and their ability to apply these principles appropriately to all produced stories.

The head of this team is the editor who approves all stories before publication and commissions any accompanying graphics and visualizations to the story. The editor is responsible for ensuring that verified and fact-checked materials are produced in a timely, cost-efficient and excellent manner.

The assistant editor is responsible for providing the first-level editorial support required for the platform. On a regular basis, the assistant editor reviews and edits all draft fact- checks/articles, checking for quality of evidence, grammatical and evidential errors.

The researchers/writers consist of internal and external men and women who provide quality content for the FactCheck Gambia website, following the laid down rules to facilitate the editing process.

Volunteers: We also have a team of volunteers with varied and diverse expertise who helped us in our fact checking and verification process. If you would like to join our team of expert volunteer fact checkers, send a mail to or simply send us a direct message on Twitter @FactcheckGambia.

On Partisanship: While we recognise and acknowledges that it is the constitutional right of every individual to contest for an elective position and support any candidate of their choice running for an elective position, it is our fervent belief that the independence of FactCheck Gambia may be called to question if team members are partisan.

To this end, any team member who wants to contest elections, support/sponsor a candidate in any form either by active campaigning or donating to a campaign fund, shall resign his/her position on the team. FactCheck Gambia team members shall, by all means, remain non-partisan.

Meanwhile, a short biographical profile of our team members is as follows:
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