Who We Are

FactCheck Gambia is The Gambia’s only indigenous and first independent digital fact-checking platform. FactCheck Gambia seeks to close the palpable market gap for an independent, non- partisan fact-checking programme in The Gambia.

This platform is aimed at curbing the spread of dis/misinformation on both traditional and social media by target and correct false or misleading claims or statements.

This initiative comes at a time when the growing menace of information disorder is gradually undermining trust in the Gambian media and the country’s burgeoning democracy.

In order to address the eroding trust in the media, FactCheck Gambia collaborates with all the major newsrooms across The Gambia to help amplify the culture of truth in public discourse, public policy, and journalistic practice. Through this collaboration, the media houses share all verified and fact checked content produced by FactCheck Gambia. The ultimate aim is to help promote accuracy in engagements on social media, rebuild trust in news, journalism/media and safeguard Gambia’s democracy.

FactCheck Gambia is established by UNESCO for The Gambia through the funding of the Peace Building Fund.