Fact-Check: Is Report on Barrow’s Property Ownership in Senegal True?


By Mustapha K. Darboe

Claim: Senegalese investigative journalist Pape AleNiang says incumbent Adama Barrow, tourism minister Hamat Bah own property in Senegal

Source: Widely circulated on social media

Verdict: false

Gambians are heading to polls on December 4, and campaigns on what is a competition of 6 candidates for country’s top job has begun on November 9. Personal attacks, misinformation and disinformation increases with rising political tension.

In the last few weeks, a widely circulated message on social media and WhatsApp claims a Senegalese journalists Pape Ale Niang said incumbent AdamaBarrow and his tourism minister Hamat Bah had procured properties in Senegal.


A widely circulated information attributed to a Senegalese investigative journalist Pape Ale Niang claims to have uncovered high-scale corruption allegations about President Barrow and Ahmad Bah.

The information said the incumbent Barrow tourism minister Bah have recently purchased a vast plot of land in Senegal at the tune of $227,000. The information also claims the two procured a number of other luxurious properties, and hold various bank accounts in Senegal.

On November 3, The Standard newspaper ran a story quoting the spokesperson of the government, Ebrima Sankareh, saying Barrow is considering suing the Senegalese journalist Niang over the publication.


The information Sankareh responded to was not published on any credible platform. The text did not also quote any medium as the source. It merely claims Pape Ale Niang revealed the information with daily newspaper in Senegalwithout giving the name.

Meanwhile, in an interview with a local online newspaper Kerr Fatou, Niang said he did not author the story attributed to him, about Barrow and Bah owning any assets in Senegal.

It is accurate that the story attributed to Pape Ale Niang cannot be found on his Dakar Matin website.

Verdict: The story in circulation purportedly from Pape Ale Niang is false. The Senegalese journalist said he did not author it.

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