Fact Sheet: What You Must Know to Replace Lost, Damaged Voter Cards

Gambians vote in parliamentary elections in 2011 (Photo Credit: Modou S. Joof)
Gambians vote in parliamentary elections in 2011 (Photo Credit: Modou S. Joof)

Gambians would vote in a president on December 4, 2021, one who will steer the affairs for the nation for the next five years.

The Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced last week Wednesday that it will conduct a replacement of voter’s cards for those whose cards are either lost or damaged.

Here are a few important facts you need to know about this process:

Who’s Eligible for Replacement

Only those already issued voter’s cards during the general voter registration exercise will be eligible to have their lost or damaged cards replaced.

When Does Replacement Begin and Ends?

The replacement of lost or damaged voter’s cards will begin on the 15th of November, 2021 and end on the 21st of November, 2021.

Where Are Cards Replaced?

The replacement can be done in all the seven (7) regional offices of the IEC – in places such as Banjul, Kanifing Municipality, Brikama, Kerewan, Mansakonko, Janjangbureh and Basse.

Is it For Free?

No. To replace a damaged or lost voter’s card, one must pay an amount of one-hundred-dalasi (D100) – about two ($2) dollars.

Can I Get a New Voter’s Card?

No. The IEC said this replacement of voter cards does not include the issuance of new cards. To be clear, the IEC will not issue any new voter cards.

Therefore, those who did not acquire a voter’s card during the general registration which was held from 29th May to 11th July, 2021, will not be issued with new cards.

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